Different species of lumber have different characteristics and choosing the right one if very important.  I use only Select and Better grade of hardwoods and cabinet grade plywood for my sheet goods.  I do not use any particle board or MDF.


I use ML Campbell lacquer finishes and they are the best professional finishes that I have found, trust me I have tried several.  ML Campbell produces fine finishes for the professional industry and offer a large variety of cabinet finishes.  They custom match paints, stains and glazes to your request.  You don't have to pick from a book for a color that is somewhat close to what you want.


I use Blum hinges and drawer slides with great success. Hinge packages and drawer slide systems can be very complicated and Blum has always had what I've needed.  If drawers and doors do not operate smoothly, a cabinet does not feel like a quality cabinet.


I make all of my own trims in house.  I make the trim out of the same batch of lumber that the cabinets are made of and the finish is applied the same time to give me a perfect match to the rest of the project.  I can have knives  made to custom match almost any trim you may have or want up to 7" in width.

Specialty Items

Most of my specialty items such as lazy susan, tray dividers. tip out trays, etc. come from Rev-A-Shelf.  They have a large selection of items to fit yours needs with quality products.  Take a look at their website to see what all you can incorporate into your dream kitchen.