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As a young boy my Grandfather and my Dad had woodshops in the garage and I got started when I could reach the handle on the radial arm saw.  I now have a full cabinet shop and make everything in house.  I too started in a two car garage and have grown into what the shop is now.

What We Do


I make everything in house myself.  While you can make more money by buying doors and drawers from a larger factory, I have full control over quality and materials by making it myself.  It also allows me to build exactly what you want and not just giving you options that someone else sets.

Make It Yours


Tell me what specialties you want in your kitchen and I will make it to fit your needs.



I take great pride in my work and that is why I put my name on my cabinets.  Shawn Cook has become a name that you will be proud to show off for its quality.  If you are a custom home builder I will be happy to put your name and logo on my work as well.